Donald Trump represents the illusion of the American Dream

Plus sage wisdom: You’re a better person when you admit that you’re wrong

from Odyssey

If we’re really being honest with ourselves, there’s a little Trump in all of us. He acts and interacts in ways we’ve seen many people among us do. The irony of this is being himself made him relatable enough to get elected President of the United States. In a world that is so self-aware, are we really aware at all?

So what part of Trump do we find in ourselves? Ever have a time you were at work and your superior told you that you were doing something wrong even though you felt completely right about it? If you’re like me, you look for examples to prove yourself right, a la confirmation bias. Point being, we always want to feel like we’re right. The more mature you are, the quicker you are to admit that you’re wrong.

No one wants to be wrong. Being wrong is an inconvenience. Being wrong sucks. The positive of being wrong is that you can learn from your mistakes as the wise people have 80,000 different quotes for. But being wrong isn’t fun. In journalism, being wrong is potential for being fired. In hospitals, being wrong can be the difference between life and death (or at least that’s how they make it look on House). But everyone is wrong at some point in time. Whether you’re 6 years old trying to spell ‘different’ or 76 years old trying to find the correct settings for the newest iPhone.

This is what fascinates me about politics more than anything else. As cognizant and self-aware as we are about politicians being “liars” and “propagandists”, we entrust them with governing our country.

I’m personally not cynical either way. I’ve met several politicians in my life and all have come across as well-educated. It’s hard to lack intelligence and understand law. Not saying impossible, but just reading media law has sent my brain into spirals.

As far as the voting public is concerned, it’s not easy to know everything about every candidate for every election. Hence why journalists do their best to deliver information on candidates.

Nothing about politics is easy. From the politicians to the political process to being a member of the voting public, it’s a lot of moving parts and negative connotations. In the two-party political system, half the country is going to disagree with your premises anyway. Politics is a constant win-lose. When the narrative is positive on MSNBC, it’s negative on FOX News.

Which brings me back to Trump, who has had the easiest ride bar none as a political figure. Trump can spat outlandish commentary, be a boisterous personality, and go and do whatever he wants when he pleases. Yet no matter how outrageous he gets, Trump supporters grow stronger in their affection for the President.

Trump’s appeal is the illusion of the American Dream. Always being right. The arrogance Trump carries himself with is exactly what Trump supporters love, and liberals despise. You know why liberals despise Trump’s arrogance? Because liberals want to believe their beliefs are the right ones.

Not to completely shit on humanity, because there’s humility in the human condition too. Humility is great, but arrogance is needed in the world. If Colin Kaepernick was too humble to not take a seat against police brutality, the national conversation would’ve continued unspoken and unresolved. Kaepernick’s presumed arrogance led to a learning experience about America as a whole.

Trump’s extreme arrogance is unhealthy. It’s the sort of attitude that is festered in social media arguments that are too ubiquitous to be relevant. People argue over stupid inane things in the attempt to draw a line for where political correctness should start and stop. After no education or understanding is exchanged, both keyboard warriors go to bed and wake up the next morning for work.

Arrogance isn’t political, it’s human. But arrogance at our highest power sends a message that I can say and do whatever I want. If we could say and do whatever we want with no consequences, we’d assume chaos would ensue. Trump is our current rendition of chaos because the consequences of his actions led him to one full year of being President of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

My call is that we as people dial back our pride a little bit. As I said before, it’s okay to be wrong, and it’s also okay to stand up for your beliefs. Life has its ups and downs yet often seems to balance out.

And please, don’t be like Trump, because no one really likes the guy that always thinks he’s right.



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